Texas Tech Launches K-5 Distance Learning Program

Written by Sherrel Jones

Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD) and Calvert Education Services (CES) announced a partnership for the State of Texas, in which students will benefit from a customized world-renowned curriculum.

The modified curriculum offered by TTUISD and CES is for kindergarten-through-5th-grade students.

“The long-standing reputation of TTUISD to provide quality and service will be enhanced through Calvert’s online platform,” said Matt Baker, dean of Texas Tech’s University College. “This innovative partnership will provide world-class online education to Texans and students outside of the state seeking a high-quality online experience through one of the largest state-accredited school district’s in the world.”

Beginning in the fall, selected Texas school districts and open-enrollment charters may provide online learning options to public school students in grades 3-9 through the Texas Education Association’s Electronic Course Program. Those districts may offer the TTUISD/Calvert program.

“TTUISD and Calvert share an educational vision that embraces inspiring the best in each student through supervised instruction, engaging curriculum and successful academic outcomes,” said Brady Locher, CES’s director of partnership development. ”We are excited to be able to offer this program in Texas.”

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