Texas Tech Club Celebrates 80 Years

Written by Sherrel Jones

On a fall evening in 1930, Texas Tech University faculty members’ wives addressed tea-party invitations with their best pens. The women could not have foreseen the success of the club 80 years later.

Today, more than 200 members participate in the club. It continues to grow considerably, while keeping the same principles and values envisioned by its early members, but allowing women faculty to join the organization.

“Over the years, we have developed various fundraisers that include selling reusable bags, silent auctions, Christmas poinsettia sales and raffles,” said Julie Smith, president of University Women’s Club. “This year, we will create a cookbook to celebrate our 80th birthday.”

Participating in a wide range of activities is a priority for this booming club. Women enjoy raising scholarship funds, hosting various retreats and luncheons, reading literary classics for its book club, participating in charity functions and playing a friendly game of bunko.

Mrs. John Granberry, Mrs. A.W. Evans, Mrs. R.E. Garlin, Mrs. A.B. Cunningham and Mrs. R.C. Goodwin sipped tea while creating the Texas Tech’s University Women’s Club for wives of faculty. The founding women were known by their husbands’ identities, and there is no record of their real names. In the organization today, women are known on a first-name basis.

“Those women in the 1930s had a good plan for the organization’s structure,” Smith said. “Lubbock was their home and they wanted it to be a welcoming place for faculty wives. Women followed their husbands and missed family and friends, so the Women’s Club was a support base for community and friendship.” 

The University Women’s Club is a source of friendship for many of its members, Smith said. It allows members to discover creative outlets and develop life-long relationships.

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CONTACT: Julie Smith, president, University Women’s Club, julienjim@suddenlink.net