Specialty fabrics industry responds with new fabric solution approved by EPA

Texas Tech University, Nonwoven Material Lab & First Line Technology - The challenges of the GOM spill have brought about a new problem-solving product. At left, Dr. Ronald J. Kendall, Director, TIEHH, Professor and Chairman, Department of Environmental Toxicology explains the breakthrough oil spill absorption capabilities of Fibertect™.

Initial Fibertect Field Test a Success--A preliminary test of Fibertect® on the soiled beaches of Grand Isle, La., has proven it successful at picking up the oily paste washing ashore at beaches and marshes across the Gulf State region. Not only did it clean up the rust-colored crude oil, but also it adsorbed toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon vapors reportedly sickening oil spill clean-up crew members. More on Fibertect...

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