Interview With Robert Weiner - Graphic Novels And Comics In Libraries And Archives

Robert Weiner is the author of Marvel Graphic Novels And Related Publications: An Annotated Guide To Comics, Prose Novels, Children’s Books, Articles, Criticism And Reference Works, 1965-2005, and Captain America And The Struggle Of The Superhero.

For his most recent publication, Graphic Novels And Comics In Libraries And Archives:  Essays On Readers, Research, History And Cataloging (which is the book that features an interview of Randall W. Scott by myself and Robert Weiner), he has produced a needed book that collects essays, interviews and other writings that detail the treatment of sequential art by libraries and archives.  He has co-authored with Shelley E. Barba, a meta-data librarian, a piece titled “Obama And Spider-Man:  A Metadata Media Analysis Of An Unlikely Pairing” for MY upcoming book, Obama-Mania. He is also the Associate Popular Culture and Performing Arts Librarian for Texas Tech University Libraries.

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