Holy Sequels! Texas Tech Guru Authors Second Graphic Novel at University

Atlas Black, the slacker turned entrepreneur, defied the odds and found his way in Managing to Succeed, thanks to graphic novelist and Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business Associate Professor of Management Jeremy Short.

Now, the unsung hero of sorts has come back to life in a second graphic novel just released this week in Atlas Black: Management Guru?

The book is currently available at Amazon.com for $14.95 and also from Short's publisher, Flat World Knowledge.

Since the release of Short's first book, Atlas Black: Managing to Succeed, Black's graphic adventures have captured the minds not only of college students at the Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business, but across the country as well. The graphic novel is required reading in both undergraduate and graduate classes taught by Short, and has since made national headlines - garnering attention from universities nationally, and making headlines as a new approach to teaching - and maintaining - the attention of students.

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