Texas Tech regents excluded from Leach lawsuit

Lubbock Judge Bill Sowder ruled in in favor of Texas Tech on Tuesday. Larry Anders and Jerry Turner are both off the hook as individuals in the lawsuit. The only individual still left in the lawsuit is Craig James and he has no immunity to invoke.

Matthew McGowan of the Lubbock Avalanche Journal observed that this suit is down to a simple question: Did Texas Tech violate the contract with former head coach Mike Leach when they terminated him with cause?

Texas Tech is currently not immune from being sued over breach of contract. That is the one cause that Judge Sowder did not dismiss. Texas Tech is expected to appeal his ruling on breach of contract. The Leach lawyers have indicated that if Tech appeals the breach of contract they will also appeal every cause that they lost on. The concensus among legal experts seems to be that the court of appeals will uphold Judge Sowder's ruling.

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