Local Tech professor monitors tropical storm as it nears oil spill

As hurricane season begins, local environmentalists are keeping a close watch on developing storms that near the oil spill, threatening to cause even more damage to the  Gulf Coast.

Texas Tech University Environmental Director Ron Kendall said his worst nightmare is a hurricane hitting the coast, and that oil could go as far inland as New Orleans if hit. "The only thing we can do at this point is monitor the coast line," said Kendall. "It appears at this time that this particular disturbance, Alex, will pass to the west of the main oil area".

Even if the storm doesn't hit the spill directly, Kendall said anychanges in wave action where the oil is, will bring even more devastation to the coast. "The volume is getting so great now that it's a deep concern because the greater the dispersion the more potential contamination that could occur in our seafood and food chain of the gulf," said Kendall.

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