Judson Maynard Summer Carillon Series Plays Again

The series will include 10 outdoor musical performances by seven carillonneurs for the Texas Tech and Lubbock community.

Summer series carillonneur William Balch plays the Charles and Ruth Baird Memorial Carillon located in the west tower of the administration building.

Summer series carillonneur William Balch plays the Charles and Ruth Baird Memorial Carillon located in the west tower of the administration building.

The School of Music announces the Summer Carillon Recital Series featuring the refurbished Baird Memorial Carillon located in the west bell tower of the Administration Building.

A carillon concert will take place every Sunday at 8 p.m. from June 6 to Aug. 1. In conjunction with the Fourth on Broadway celebration, a special concert will be held at 9 a.m. July 3. The programs are 40 to 45 minutes long and include popular songs, classical, folk music, hymns, songs for children and original compositions for the carillon.

Roy Wilson, adjunct professor of organ and carillon, invites families and children to bring their lawn chairs and picnic blankets to listen from Memorial Circle, north of the Administration Building.

During Wilson’s performance, patrons are invited to come up into the west tower of the Administration Building and quietly observe the performance, the unusual playing clavier and the 43 chromatic bells. If another is performing, the bells will be demonstrated after the performance and patrons are invited to feel the different weights of the clappers.

Performance Dates

  • June 6: Jim Quashnock, Wichita Falls
  • June 13: Denise Koncelik, Wichita Falls
  • June 20: Will Balch, Katy
  • June 27: Jim Quashnock, Wichita Falls
  • July 3: (Fourth on Broadway) Arla Jo Anderton/Roy Wilson, Lubbock
  • July 4: Judson Maynard, Denton
  • July 11: Judson Maynard, Denton and Arla Jo Anderton, Lubbock carillon duets
  • July 18: Judson Maynard, Denton
  • July 25: Denise Koncelik, Wichita Falls
  • Aug. 1: Cole Shooter, Lubbock

About the Carillonneurs

  • Judson D. Maynard: Texas Tech emeritus professor of organ and carillon
  • Roy Wilson: orchestra director for Lubbock Independent School District, organist at St. John’s United Methodist Church and adjunct professor of carillon and organ at Texas Tech
  • William Balch: music education major and violinist
  • Cole Shooter: political science graduate and music minor from Texas Tech
  • Arla Jo Anderton: a past president of The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America and science teacher at Coronado High School in Lubbock
  • Denise Koncelik: flute instructor at Midwestern State University
  • Jim Quashnock: biologist, chemist and church organist from Wichita Falls

For further information e-mail Roy Wilson or call (806) 799-7227.

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Playing on Tradition


What is a Carillon?

  • The instrument is composed of at least 23 carillon bells, arranged in chromatic sequence.
  • Bells are tuned as to produce concordant (pleasing or agreeable) harmony when many bells are sounded together.
  • Played from a keyboard that allows expression through variation of touch.
  • Keys are struck with the half-closed hand.
  • Larger bells are connected to foot pedals.

The Charles and Ruth Baird Memorial Carillon

  • The bourdon (the largest bell) weighs approximately 800 pounds; the smallest weighs only about eight pounds.
  • 12 of the bells were cast by Whitechapel Bell Foundry in England.
  • 24 were cast by the Paccard Foundry in France.
  • The newest bells were cast by Meek & Watson Foundry in Ohio.
  • The estimated value of this collection of bells today is $250,000.