Texas Tech Alumni Provide Insight to Students

Written by Megan Robare

Texas Tech University Career Services (UCS) has launched the Raider Mentor Network allowing current students to learn from Texas Tech alumni.

Dave Kraus, director of UCS, said the idea originated from a discussion on new ways to serve students and help with student recruitment and retention. UCS partnered with the Texas Tech Alumni Association to advertise the program to its alumni database, which sparked a growth in mentors over the last several weeks.   

“The network has grown to nearly two hundred Texas Tech alumni who are now active mentors, and we believe this number will continue to grow,” Kraus said.

The network is designed to give students an opportunity to discuss career development. The mentor’s role is to provide quick and personal insights to Texas Tech students who are exploring career options.

Kraus said the network is not meant for job searching, but the impact of networking may play out to benefit the students.

Jared Lay, assistant director of UCS who helped initiate the project, said UCS officials thought this would be a great way to involve Texas Tech alumni and assist current students.

“We hope this will continue to grow and help connect our alumni with students pursuing their career,” Lay said. “We think this is a win-win situation.”

Students and alumni can sign up to seek or become a mentor at www.careerservices.ttu.edu. The network can be accessed by logging into RaiderJobs.

Mentors are selected by searching a number of criteria such as major, industry type and location to initiate contact, and mentors can answer questions via e-mail or telephone.

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CONTACT: Dave Kraus, director, University Career Services, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-2210, or dave.kraus@ttu.edu.