Texas Tech Administrator Named Distinguished Alumnus

Written by Suzanne Taylor

Michael Shonrock, senior vice president of enrollment management and student affairs at Texas Tech University, was named a Distinguished Alumnus this past week at his alma mater, Western Illinois University.

After receiving his award, Shonrock addressed its faculty and student members regarding his work with Gallup’s StrengthsFinder and the Clifton Institute.

“I was humbled not only to be considered but also to be awarded,” he said. “I am very grateful to the faculty, college of education, and the university. Western Illinois University provided me the foundation of my career in public higher education. My wife Karen and I enjoyed meeting faculty, staff and particularly the graduate students on campus.”

Texas Tech developed a partnership with the Clifton Institute in 2004-2005. The Clifton Institute provides tools and resources for students and educators to have the opportunity to develop their strengths by building on their greatest talents.

Shonrock, with his involvement in the success of this program at Texas Tech, is a certified Strengths Advocate. As an advocate, he is certified to conduct and facilitate strengths initiatives.

At Texas Tech, Shonrock oversees many departments including undergraduate admissions, the financial aid and scholarship office, student union and activities, student housing and more. He has served at Texas Tech since 1990.

He earned his bachelor’s degree and a Master’s of Science in College Student Personnel from Western Illinois’s College of Education and Human Services. He continued his education at Pittsburg State University where he received his educational specialist’s degree in community college administration. He earned his doctoral degree in higher education administration from the University of Kansas.

“Dr. Shonrock is a great example of the strong administrators we have at Texas Tech University, and we are so proud of the recent honor that has been awarded to him,” said Guy Bailey, president of Texas Tech. “As a key player within our university, his accolades display a positive reflection on the future of our university.”

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