Cultural Center Honors Provost with Global Vision Award

Provost Bob Smith will be recognized for his focus on study abroad programs and goal to make every graduate globally competent.

Written by Megan Robare

For the first time, thanks to Smith, Texas Tech will include a global focus in the university’s strategic goals and objectives.

For the first time, thanks to Smith, Texas Tech will include a global focus in the university’s strategic goals and objectives.

The International Cultural Center (ICC) at Texas Tech named Provost Bob Smith the recipient of the 2010 Global Vision Award. A certificate of recognition will also be presented to the Whitacre College of Engineering for its support and initiatives in sending engineering students abroad.

President Guy Bailey will present the awards on behalf of the center at 4:30 p.m. Thursday at the ICC, 601 Indiana Ave.

Smith was selected because of his contributions to the study abroad program. He has exemplified the goal of making every Texas Tech graduate globally competent and competitive, said Sandra Crosier, director of International Affairs.

He noticed the importance of recognizing faculty who make it possible for students to study abroad. Support from upper administration is critical in developing opportunities and encouraging Texas Tech students to study abroad, Crosier said.

“The study abroad process is a work-intensive endeavor, so we extend gratitude for those like Smith that take time to help,” Crosier said. “It is great to give students this opportunity and experience that changes their perspective on the world.”

For the first time, thanks to Smith, Texas Tech will include a global focus in the university’s strategic goals and objectives.

Smith has been extraordinarily supportive of the Texas Tech’s international centers in Seville, Spain, and Quedlinburg, Germany, Crosier said. Early in his tenure he visited the centers to outline for himself their strengths, weaknesses and needs. During these visits he gave a morale boost to the center staff, Crosier said.

In addition, Smith has been consistent in finding resources to help the centers and in suggesting visionary approaches to address long-term challenges. He helped develop a revenue model which will allow the centers to set aside funding for unforeseen requirements.

The Whitacre College of Engineering will be recognized as a runner-up for the Global Vision Award. Shelli Crockett, director of the Engineering Opportunities Center, will accept the certificate on behalf of the college.

Crockett, along with John Kobza, senior associate dean and professor of industrial engineering, and Walt Oler, associate dean for undergraduate studies, has been the driving force behind initiatives to expand study abroad opportunities in the Whitacre College of Engineering. Last summer the college held two faculty-led programs with 23 students. This summer 87 students will participate in programs at four sites. In the fall, six students will participate in an exchange program with the Czech Republic.

The annual Global Vision award, which was first given in 2003, recognizes a faculty member or administrator whose contributions have inspired students to study and experience cultures abroad, as well as encourage a broader understanding of the world.


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Jun 24, 2022