April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

A month of activities to educate the Texas Tech Community is presented by the Student Wellness Center.

Written by Sherrel Jones

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

From wearing jeans to walking a mile in high heels, there are a variety of activities to bring awareness to issues revolving around sexual assault.

Mark your calendars, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Recent statistics show one out of four women and one out of 11 men will be sexually assaulted within their lifetimes, but college women are four times as likely as other groups to be sexually assaulted, said Erin Snyder, outreach coordinator at the Student Counseling Center.

“We hope that the information provided during Sexual Assault Awareness Month can bring attention to this issue and prevent sexual assaults from happening on college campuses,” Snyder said

Events are sponsored by the Student Counseling Center unless otherwise noted.

Wall of Healing Display

“Wall of Healing” is a month-long event to honor and remember survivors of sexual assault. Submissions will be posted in a display case at the Student Union Building Ballroom.

The purpose of the Wall is to honor and remember survivors of sexual assault and to provide a forum for them or their friends or family to share their experiences and messages of hope. Messages can be poetry, prose, drawings, paintings or any other form of expression. Submissions will be accepted  at the Student Counseling Center, 2nd floor of the Student Wellness Center, by e-mail to Erin Snyder, on the page, or anonymously through campus mail to the Student Counseling Center at MS 5008.

A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant & A Prayer

April 12 and 13 | 7 p.m. Escondido Theatre

Sponsored by V-Day Lubbock Coalition

A series of monologues performed by both members of the Texas Tech and Lubbock communities, these writings are inspiring, funny, angry, heartfelt, tragic and beautiful. But above all, together they create a true and profound portrait of how violence against women affects every one of us. Contact GeJA Seeley-Hayle at vdaylubbock@gmail.com for more information.

Take Back the Night

April 16 | 7 p.m. Urbanovsky Park | March to Memorial Circle begins at 8 p.m. | Candlelight Vigil and Speak Out at 8:15 p.m.

Sponsored by V-Day Lubbock Coalition

Women from New York to India are letting their voices shatter the silence, but there is much to be accomplished in the fight to end sexual violence. Contact GeJA Seeley-Hayle at vdaylubbock@gmail.com for more information.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

April 17 | 10:30 a.m. Lubbock County Courthouse

Sponsored by Lubbock Rape Crisis Center

This ain’t no ordinary march! Join the Lubbock Rape Crisis Center and Lubbock men as they speak out against rape by walking a mile in heels! For more information, contact Leslie Timmons at (806) 763-3232.

Feminist Forum

April 20 | 6:00 p.m. Location TBA

Sponsored by the Women’s Studies Program, Graduate Feminist Scholars and V‐Day Lubbock Coalition

The Feminist Forum is designed to promote the equal and fair treatment for all individuals regardless of gender, race, class and sexuality by engaging both the university and Lubbock communities in an open discussion. The forum strives to create an environment where the cultural and social construction of gender can be freely examined through the history, experiences and contributions of women to society and study the influences of gender on the lives of women and men. The main theme of this forum will be to strengthen feminist movements and learn how to expand strategic alliances with others on and off campus. For more information, contact the Women’s Studies Program.

11th Annual Denim Day

April 22 | All Day | Wear Jeans to Support Survivors

Denim Day has been internationally celebrated since 1999 in protest of an Italian High Court ruling that overturned a rape conviction because the victim was wearing jeans. Enraged by the verdict, women of the Italian Legislature protested the decision by wearing jeans to work. As news of the decision spread, so did the protest. On April 22, 2010 universities, colleges, junior high and high schools, businesses, organizations and individuals will participate in Denim Day events. Join the campaign – step forward take a stand against rape.

Working with Survivors of Sexual Assault: Answers for Staff and Faculty

April 22 | 8:30 to 10 a.m. | Student Wellness Center, Room 100

Do you know what to do if one of your students or patients has been sexually assaulted? This presentation will provide answers to your questions! Contact Erin Snyder at (806) 742-3674 for more information.

Men Can Stop Rape! (men only please)

April 27 | 7 p.m. | Human Sciences 169

How can men help fight violence against women? Attend this men’s-only event to find out how! Contact Mike Iezziat (806) 742-3674 for more information.

The Myth of “No means Yes:” Sexual Scripts & Sexual Assault

April 28 | 6:00 | Human Sciences 169

This interactive presentation and discussion will explore how common sexual scripts and stereotypes about gender contribute to sexual assault. Contact Amanda Smithat (806) 742-3674 for more information.

More information and resources can be found at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Connect with them on ..

Student Counseling Center

Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center (SCC) provides short term counseling and consultation to students who are experiencing emotional and psychological problems that are interfering with their ability to be successful in school and/or with their individual personal development.

No scheduled appointment necessary to initiate services. Walk in to the SCC, fill out paperwork and see a counselor for an initial intake for approximately 30 minutes. Walk-In Clinic hours are Monday - Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


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