Texas Tech Physical Plant Assessing Siren Malfunction

It appears that a faulty phone circuit is activating the campus siren system.

It appears that a faulty phone circuit is activating the campus siren system. So far, this issue has been limited to the Industrial Engineering and CHACP II locations.

At this time, the Physical Plant team is working with AT&T to determine the root cause and permanent solution to the malfunction. In the meantime, the Texas Tech Police Department has temporarily deactivated the siren system.

The siren system is used in the event of weather emergencies and is typically tested during the spring semester in preparation for severe weather season.

Sirens are located on the roofs of the following buildings:

  • Industrial Engineering
  • CHACP II (Central Heating and Cooling Plant II, located on the Texas Tech Parkway near the Health Sciences Center)
  • Museum
  • Drane Hall
  • Chemistry
  • Student Recreation Center

For more information on severe weather and other emergency preparedness, visit www.ttu.edu/emergency.

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