Mike Leach suing Texas Tech for fraud

Former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach is suing Texas Tech University for firing him without cause, as well as defamation of character and fraud. His lawsuit claims his former bosses at Texas Tech have made "slanderous and libelous"statements about him. Leach’s lawyer filed a motion Friday to expedite Texas Tech’s release of information in this case. Leach is suing for actual damages as well as punitive damages.

Leach was fired just days before his team was to play in the Alamo Bowl against Michigan State. The university accused him of mistreating sophomore Texas Tech player Adam James while James suffered from a mild concussion. James took video of what he claimed was an electrical closet that he was told to stand in during practice. Leach has denied doing anything wrong or in anyway trying to harm James. He called James “lazy and entitled”. Texas Tech also has accused Leach of insubordination.

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