Preparing Peanuts for the Future

New Cultivars and Farming Strategies

Field screening of the accessions was performed by New Mexico State University scientist Naveen Puppala and a team of Texas AgriLife Research and Texas Tech University sci­entists led by Mark Burow. Photosynthetic measurements of the field-grown plants by Payton and Kottapalli helped narrow down the group to two accessions that are highly tolerant to heat and drought and two that are highly susceptible.

Drought-sensitive peanut yield from full irrigation. Compare to image D1562-1, which shows the yield from the same species grown with deficit irrigation. (D1561-1)

This follows previous work by the AgriLife and Texas Tech scientists and ARS scientists John Burke and Gloria Burow, who demonstrated heat and drought tolerance in a smaller set of peanut germplasm.

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