Museum Senior Curator Named Interim Director

Eileen Johnson's many duties will include oversight of all educational, scientific, cultural, research and administrative functions.

Eileen Johnson

Eileen Johnson is a Horn Professor in Museum Science and also serves as director of the Lubbock Lake Landmark.

Officials at Texas Tech University recently announced that Eileen Johnson will serve as interim director of the Museum of Texas Tech University.

Texas Tech Provost Bob Smith said Johnson would effectively and enthusiastically lead in making the museum ready for the transition to a new director in a few months.

“With her tremendous background, I know Dr. Johnson will give inspiration and guidance to the museum,” Smith said. “She will help us continue to move forward.”

Johnson is senior curator at the museum and a Horn Professor in Museum Science. She serves as director of the Lubbock Lake Landmark.

As interim director of the museum, her duties will include general oversight of the Museum's educational, scientific, cultural and research functions as well as its administrative operations and budget.

Also, she will serve as the museum’s chief liaison to the Office of the Provost and to the Museum Association.

“As interim director, my major priorities will include providing a nurturing environment, enhancing the museum’s growth in its collections activities, public and academic programs as well as building a pathway for the new director,” she said. “I am committed to proactively engaging the museum with the Texas Tech academic community and with the broader Lubbock community and constituents across the South Plains.”

Johnson also aims to foster and enrich the museum’s national and international scope.

Museum of Texas Tech

Established in 1929, the Museum is an educational, scientific, cultural, and research element of Texas Tech University.

The Museum of Texas Tech University was established in 1929.

It consists of the main Museum building, the Moody Planetarium, the Natural Science Research Laboratory, the research and educational elements of the Lubbock Lake Landmark, and the Val Verde County research site.

The museum also offers master’s degrees in Museum Science and Heritage Management and a wide variety of educational programs for the general public.