IBM chief engineer talks EMC-Cisco, XIV and SSDs; NetApp gains momentum, shrugs off EMC-Cisco deal

When Texas Tech University began to move away from relying solely on tape for data backups, it found it easier and less expensive to add data deduplication licenses to its backup software than buying a dedicated deduplication hardware system.

Written by: Jessica Behnham

IBM chief engineer Barrera talks EMC-Cisco, XIV and solid-state drives

With virtualization and the cloud taking a larger role in data storage strategies, vendors are forging new alliances and approaches to the way they deliver technology. IBM has been at the center of several of those competitive and technical battles, and its chief technical strategist Clod Barrera sat down with recently to discuss IBM's plans for offering a vertically integrated virtualization stack to compete with the Acadia alliance between EMC Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc.; management software for solid-state drives (SSDs); and the future of its XIV Storage System and DS8000 high-end disk arrays. What's IBM's reaction to the new Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition between VMware, Cisco and EMC?

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