Austin investors to put big money on wind energy

David Miller, Texas Tech’s vice chancellor of commercialization, said the project is critical to the state as it seeks to be a hub for research and development of alternative power sources.

Written by: Jessica Behnham

Several local businessmen are betting that renewable energy has a bright future, particularly in West Texas.

Republic Power Partners LP and the West Texas Municipal Power Agency are raising money to finance a project that would sell alternative energy generated in West Texas, said John Crew, a cofounder of Republic Power Partners.

Crew said the 6,000-megawatt project would generate electricity through wind, solar and biomass, and would be good news for the state.

“It’s a good project that would benefit the Panhandle and the rest of Texas,” he said. “Eventually, the nation will also benefit from the project.”

Crew is looking for $40 million in commitments for the venture, which he hopes to raise by the end of the year.

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