INTERVIEW: Rock & Roll, Cybernetics, and Literature: Bruno Clarke’s Intersecting, Interconnecting World

How did a musician who saw Jimi Hendrix blow “the rooftop off” an empty club in Washington, DC, find similar resonance in the field of "second order cybernetics?"

For Dr. Bruce “Bruno” Clarke, professor of literature and science at Texas Tech University, Woodstock performer and survivor, (his band, Sha-na-na was the penultimate act before Jimi Hendrix closed the Festival), it’s all connected, but not in ways we might expect.

I met Clarke on a bench in the stone and wood living room at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We were guests of cultural philosopher William Irwin Thompson and Roshi Joan Halifax at the annual meeting of the Lindisfarne Fellows.

In the serene and heady atmosphere, Clarke told me about his then forthcoming book, Post Human Metamorphosis, Narrative and Systems, which explores "second order cybernetics" through the lens of science and literature.

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