Fort Hood Shooting suspect's attorney speaks out

'In this case, it's almost certain to be a General Court Martial, which includes sentences all the way up to and including death,' said former military attorney Richard Rosen, who's now a professor at Texas Tech University.

Written by: Jessica Behnham

FORT HOOD - Fort Hood shooting suspect Nadil Malik Hasan had a meeting Monday with a high profile military defense lawyer from Belton.

Hasan and his family have retained ex-military judge, and current defense lawyer John Galligan.  He will also retain a military appointed attorney that the government is obligated to provide him.

Galligan met with Hasan for just 25 minutes due to his client's health. Galligan said his client had been shot four times.

"He's in a very guarded position," Galligan said.  "He's very medicated and there's a lot to be done medically."

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