Educating students shouldn’t take a back seat to research

The dueling news releases emanating these days from the Tier One aspirers look impressive, daunting even:

A University of Texas at Arlington professor got a $281,547 four-year National Science Foundation grant for a research project called "NanoDomain Structure and Multifunctional Properties of Polymer Derived Ceramics."

With $491,081 from the Energy Department, a UT-El Paso professor will "investigate improved materials for thermal barrier coatings" and develop nanostructured coating for hydrogen turbines to protect engine components operating at higher temperatures.

The National Institutes of Health gave Texas Tech University professors $809,700 to determine the best ways of teaching introductory physics.

And a University of North Texas professor will use $640,000 from the NSF over four years to study plant defenses against the green peach aphid, a pest that not only loves fruits but also eats its vegetables.

The schools are bragging more about their projects and the size of the grants underwriting them because of the push to designate Texas’ next great research university

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