Flirt away, it's all in the name of healthy jealousy

According to Sybil L. Hart, a professor at Texas Tech University's Department of Human Development and Family Studies, who pulled together contributions from a variety of scientific sources for the forthcoming Handbook of Jealousy , this answer is yes. Long ago, she tells me, jealousy was an accepted part of a relationship, usually settled by duels.

Written by: Jessica Behnham

So what if she wants to be a sexy, flirty witch for Halloween? A dance with the green-eyed monster can be a real turn-on.

“We get a lot of sexy pirates,” says Jason Walsh, the retail manager at Malabar, a popular costume shop in Toronto. I called him to ask what I could expect to see women strutting around in at next week's Halloween parties. “And for whatever reason, the circus theme seems to be sort of big, so we have a lion tamer with a short skirt, very close to the body.”

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