Texas Tech Again Performs Above Expectations on National Assessment

According to the Collegiate Learning Assessment, Texas Tech contributes more to the learning gains made by students than 89 percent of 191 four-year undergraduate institutions.

Results from the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) of colleges and universities find once again, that Texas Tech University has performed above predicted expectations of student learning.

The report states, “Texas Tech University seniors performed higher than 89 percent of the 191 four-year undergraduate institutions participating in the 2008-2009 CLA. Texas Tech University performed Above Expected.”

Graduating seniors tested in the spring 2009 semester. The CLA measures students’ improvement while in college on higher-order thinking skills such as critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem solving and written communication. The assessment also measures an institution’s contribution, or the value added by the institution, to students’ development of these competencies.

“CLA results provide a good measure of learning outcomes,” said Bob Smith, Texas Tech provost. “It is heartening to know that the partnerships for learning crafted among faculty and students are yielding such positive results.”

Test results reflect how seniors’ scores ranked among the 191 participating institutions. The group scored “above” the predicted level, indicating significant improvement in the higher-order thinking skills from freshman to senior years.

Texas Tech students’ performance on the CLA is one of many measures utilized to inform faculty about the learning gains of students while at Texas Tech. When combined with students’ performance in the classroom, students’ input on their satisfaction with their learning experiences, and other nationally-normed exams, Texas Tech faculty, administrators and students can work together to improve their learning experience and ensure they receive the best possible education while at Texas Tech.

The administration of the CLA is the result of Texas Tech’s participation in the Voluntary System of Accountability, an effort by multiple national education groups to make public information about student academic achievement.

  Adjusted Percentile Rank Performance Level
Total CLA Score 89 Above
Performance Task 84 Above
Analytic Writing Task 83 Above
Make-an Argument 67 At
Critique-an-Argument 93 Well Above