From politics to academe

Remember self-acclaimed US Top Cop Alberto ‘Speedy’ Gonzales (right)?

And ex-secretary of state Condoleezza Rice?

Guess what Speedy’s doing now?

He’s a “visiting professor” at Texas Tech University where he has a one-year contract for $100,000, “to teach a junior-level course on the executive branch, deliver guest lectures, and help recruit first-generation and minority students,” says the Chronicle of Higher Education.

And Condi? She’s back at Stanford University as a political science professor.

Given their past records, you wouldn’t have thought either of them was fit to teach America’s young.

Gonzales is, “widely accused of disregarding the Geneva Conventions and condoning torture during his time in President George W. Bush’s administration,” says Peter Schmidt’s story. But, opposition to his appointment has amounted only to, “a few critical editorials in its student newspaper and others, a faculty petition, and two Facebook groups,” he says, going on:

“It pales in comparison to the resistance that Condoleezza Rice has encountered in going back to Stanford University”.

But they’re not alone.

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