1st National Championship for Texas Tech

Hungarian IM Gergely Antal, a senior at Texas Tech University, has just won the 2009 United States Tournament of College Champions. He is the official representative of Texas Tech University at this event. He is also the first titled player to join SPICE.

Winning this prestigious national title was not an easy task as he had to face 3 of UTD's top players, and the defending champion from UTB.

In round 3, he drew IM Stopa (UTD - 2565). In round 4, he defeated IM Fernandez (UTB - 2468), the defending champion. In round 5, he drew IM Bercys (UTD - 2503). In the final round, he defeated IM Zivanic (UTD - 2551) to win the national championship.

Congratulations to IM Antal for a fine performance!

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