The Secrets of How to Organize Genius

By Russ Altman

Assistant Director, Texas Tech University Small Business Development Center

Every Great Group is extraordinary in its own way, but a study put forth by Warren Bennis who wrote “Organizing Genius” suggests 10 principles common to all, and that apply as well to their larger organizations, and these principles not only defined the nature of Great Groups, they also redefine the roles and responsibilities of leaders, and to be sure, Great Groups rely on many long-established practices of good management including effective mediation, exceptional recruitment, genuine empowerment, and personal commitment.

At the heart of every Great Group is a shared dream and all Great Groups believe that they are on a mission from God, that they could change the world, make a dent in the universe and they are obsessed with their work, as it becomes not a job but a fervent quest, and that belief is what brings the necessary cohesion and energy to their work. They manage conflict by abandoning individual egos to the pursuit of the dream, so conflict, even with diverse people, is resolved by reminding people and each other of the mission.

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