Sowell Center Staffers Meet President Obama

Helen Keller National Center partners with Texas Tech research associates to support the disabled.

Texas Tech University research associates Amy Parker and Beth Case pictured on far right in the Oval Office

Pictured with President Obama are Amy Parker and Beth Case, both Sowell Center research associates serving as interpreters for the students’ visit to the White House. Click to Enlarge.

Texas Tech University research associates from the Virginia Murray Sowell Center in the College of Education were at the right place at the right time to meet President Obama.

Supporting a unique program recently in Washington, D.C., six young adults who are deaf-blind participated in a leadership course on self-advocacy and policy-making. Partnering with the Helen Keller National Center, Sowell Center staff was involved in teaching, mentoring, research, videography and sign-language interpreting for students during the week’s events.

Funding from national grants written by Roseanna Davidson, associate professor and coordinator of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and the Deafblind programs, supported the course development and research components for the effort. The week culminated in a visit to the Oval Office and a meeting with the President.

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Virginia Murray Sowell Center

The Virginia Murray Sowell Center at Texas Tech is part of the College of Education.

The center promotes quality research to address the academic and social needs of school-age students with visual impairments and provides public service to assist local, national and international constituencies.

The program offers master's and doctoral degrees as well as certification and endorsement in visual impairment, orientation and mobility, and deafblindness.

Most of the programs are available through distance education.