Editorial: Will students learn from Gonzales' mistakes?

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been hired to teach a political science course this fall at Texas Tech. Like his tenure in Washington, this new job – lecturing on "Contemporary Issues in the Executive Branch" – is generating controversy.Two years after he quit as attorney general, Gonzales remains a toxic figure. He has told reporters – the few he has talked to since leaving Washington – that the tough economy and political controversies have made job hunting difficult. While true, that is only part of the story.

Morale within the Justice Department cratered on his watch, and virtually every major newspaper in the country, including this one, called for his removal for practicing blind loyalty rather than carrying out his responsibilities to the nation. That's something he can't escape, even on the plains of Lubbock in his home state.Soon after Texas Tech hired him, the student newspaper penned a blistering editorial in opposition. "By leaving Capitol Hill in disgrace," the editorial in the Daily Toreador notes, "Gonzales did not fulfill his duty as attorney general, and he did not reach his full potential as a role model for minorities."

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