CAB: Getting A Handle On Beef Flavor

Any good business manager knows success lies in repeat customers. The beef industry follows that model and annually invests millions of dollars in research to help ensure satisfied consumers. 

 “Beef is known for taste. If we forget that we lose a huge price advantage to competing proteins,” says Glen Dolezal, Cargill Meat Solutions. “Whatever we do in the industry—whether pre-harvest or post-harvest—we’ve got to be sure beef continues to perform to consumers’ expectations for taste and tenderness.”

Smith, along with colleagues at the University of Idaho and Texas Tech University, submitted the proposal titled, “Regulation of Marbling Development in Beef Cattle by Specific Fatty Acids.”

Texas Tech’s Brad Johnson will look at “going from a muscle satellite cell, or specialized muscle cell, and how it converts to intramuscular fat or marbling,” Doumit says.

“This is a time when it’s difficult for the cattle industry because the price of feed is high and the price of beef is not, so anything the industry can do to improve efficiency and still maintain product quality is a benefit,” Doumit says

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