Tornado Research: It's Not Like in the Movies

Christopher Weiss leads a Texas Tech contingent in this year’s massive VORTEX2 tornado study.   VORTEX2 is the second iteration of the Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes project funded by NSF and NOAA and involves more than 50 scientists and 40 research vehicles, including 10 mobile radars.  Researchers have been swarming tornadoes all season, and are gaining unprecedented insight into these phenomena.  The Texas Tech University research team is called Project MOBILE (Multiple Observations of Boundaries In the Local storm Environment) and it centers around 24 Stick-Net sensor arrays that capture data about tornadoes as they happen. Weiss's student, Tanya Brown, wrote a Behind the Scenes feature about the work. Weiss answers the ScienceLives 10 Questions below.

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