Texas Tech Mascots Receive Special Valentines

Two enthusiastic fans show their love for the Masked Rider and Raider Red using Texas Tech's social media outlets.

Written by: Dani Laselva

Maggie Gilchrest Jenny Strovas
Maggie Gilchrest and Jenny Strovas were chosen as the 2009 Valentines for Raider Red and the Masked Rider. Photos by Artie Limmer. Click images to enlarge.
Thanks to the power of social media, Internet matchmaking works – even for mascots. This year, Raider Red and the Masked Rider celebrated Valentine’s Day with two of their biggest fans, Maggie Gilchrest and Jenny Strovas. The Office of Communications and Marketing organized a contest to pick the most devoted valentines for the university’s mascots. Contestants were asked to write a short letter to either one stating why they should be Raider Red’s or the Masked Rider’s valentine. Then contestants posted a link to their entry on one of Texas Tech’s official social media Web sites such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. There were many creative entries, but Gilchrest’s and Strovas’ were the most original. Gilchrest, a Texas Tech alumna living in Lubbock, submitted a poem declaring her admiration for Raider Red. Read the Poem. Strovas, a Texas Tech graduate student, wrote the Masked Rider a letter in an effort to rekindle her love for horses. She was thrown from a horse in August and suffered from a concussion along with major bruises. In addition to her letter to the Masked Rider, Strovas also submitted pictures from the accident. Read the Letter. Both received gift baskets along with a one-on-one photo shoot with their mascot valentine. For more information on Texas Tech’s social media outlets visit these official sites: facebooktwitter Find out what other social media sites Texas Tech has to offer at you.ttu.edu.