Private School Standout Signs with Texas Tech

Texas is a high school football mecca. And, college recruiters come from all over to woo its wide selection of talent. So, it is ironic that two years ago, D.J. Johnson transferred to one of the last places they would look.

"Public school I probably was on the wrong road, the wrong path," said Johnson. "My environment, going to a public school that wasn't performing high academically, that hurt me. And, when I got to St. Stephen's it was like, 'You're no longer an athlete you're just a student.'"

That is when D.J. got smart about his future. He put Texas Tech No. 1 on his college list. Their graduation numbers not only led all Big XII football programs, but all 25 of 2008's final ranked teams.

"I hadn't gotten my film out," said Johnson. "I only sent one film and that was to Tech."

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