Happy Birthday Texas Tech!

Feb. 10 marks the 86th birthday for Texas Tech University.

Texas Tech University 86th birthday. Feb. 10, 2009. Texas Tech University celebrates 86 years of bringing higher education, growth and opportunity to West Texas.
On Feb. 10, 1923, Governor Pat M. Neff signed Senate Bill No. 103 that created Texas Technological College. In August of that year, an announcement was made by the locating board that Lubbock was selected as the site of the then-college. Registration for the first semester was held Sept. 29, 1925. Nine hundred and fourteen students from 220 Texas cities and eight states besides Texas registered. The next day the college was formally opened with a ceremony in front of the Administration Building. Today, Texas Tech University enrolls more than 28,000 students from every county in Texas, all 50 states and more than 90 foreign countries. It is the only campus in the state that is home to a major university, law school and medical school. The Texas Tech University System is comprised of three institutions, Texas Tech University, the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Angelo State University, in 15 locations from Lubbock to Dallas to Seville, Spain. From a 1926 speech presented to the first student body, President Paul W. Horn detailed a grand vision for the future of Texas Tech. “It is a magnificent country in which our college is located. It is a region of magnificent distances, of far-flung horizons, of deep canyons, of lofty far-arching skies. “Everything that is done on these West Texas Plains ought to be on a big scale. It is a country that lends itself to bigness. It is a country that does not harmonize with things little or narrow or mean. Let us make the work of our college fit into the scope of our country. Let our thoughts be big thoughts and broad thoughts. Let our thinking be in world-wide terms.” Happy Birthday Texas Tech!