Meat Judging Team Dominates at National Western Stock Show

Team takes home first place honors and Texas Tech's ninth overall win at the National Western Stock Show.

Written by Cory Chandler

Texas Tech Meat Judging Team wins National Western Stock Show

The meat judging team, led by Mark Miller, took first at the National Western Stock Show with an 80-point lead. Click to Enlarge.

Texas Tech University’s meat judging team received first place honors on Jan. 19 at the National Western Stock Show in Denver.

Texas Tech won the contest by an 80-point margin, placing first in total beef, pork judging, specifications and placing. The team finished second in reasons, beef grading, lamb judging and beef judging.

The team boasted four of the top ten individuals in the contest and seven of the top-ten individuals in the alternate contest. Matt Bruton, Brandon O’Quinn, Abby Long and Collin Corbin finished first, second, seventh and ninth overall, respectively. Josh Hasty, Meagan Igo, Amber Krause, Henry Ruiz, Josh McCann, Jett Mason and Kelsey Fletcher finished in the top ten of the alternate division.

“This is Texas Tech’s ninth win at the National Western,” said Mark Miller, professor of meat science and muscle biology. “This is a talented team of fifteen students who worked hard to win their first contest.”

Other top finishers in the contest included South Dakota State University, Oklahoma State University, Colorado State University and Kansas State University.

The contest was held at JBS Swift in Greeley, Colo. Awards were presented at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. The National Western officially began in 1906 and is one of the nation’s oldest and largest shows.

The team is coached by Miller and graduate student Travis O’Quinn.

Team members are:

  • Matt Bruton, a sophomore from Throckmorton
  • Sarah Calhoun, a sophomore from Weatherford
  • Adam Copeland, a sophomore from Katy
  • Collin Corbin, a sophomore from Webster
  • Tate Corliss, a junior from Estancia, N.M.
  • Kelsey Fletcher, a sophomore from Universal City
  • Josh Hasty, a junior from Cleburne
  • Kelly Hutton, a sophomore from Castle Rock, Colo.
  • Meagan Igo, a sophomore from Plainview
  • Amber Krause, a sophomore from Florence
  • Abby Long, a sophomore from Boerne
  • Jett Mason, a sophomore from Brownfield
  • Josh McCann, a sophomore from Newport, Va
  • Brandon O’Quinn, a sophomore from League City
  • Henry Ruiz, a junior from Eagle Pass