Seniors rule!

'It's kind of cool to be a grandparent, even cooler than it is to be a parent,' says Rob Weiner, a humanities librarian at Texas Tech University who writes about pop culture. Among the explanations: More grandparents are hip, fun-lovin' baby boomers, or near boomers.

Written by: Jessica Behnham

Move over, Paris.

Granny is ready for her close-up.

On the recent season finale of "Project Runway," one of three remaining designers, Kenley Collins, showcased 1940s styles reminiscent of those worn by her calendar-girl grandma.

Sarah Silverman, the comedian best known for her "I'm (intimate with) Matt Damon" video, turned her attention to the senior set, netting more than 750,000 views for her YouTube video that urged Jewish hipsters to push Obama on their doting bubbes and zeides.

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