Colorful offensive line the heart of Texas Tech

No wonder BCS No. 2 Texas Tech is 10-0 overall, 6-0 in the Big 12 and relishing its new place in the college football universe. 

Among the guys protecting Heisman Trophy front-runner Graham Harrell are only The Incredible Hulk (Rylan Reed; 6-7, 314), Mr. Incredible (Stephen Hamby; 6-3, 287) Mankind (Brandon Carter; 6-7, 354) and Fat Albert (Marlon Winn; 6-6, 325).

Carter, complete in Mohawk and painted face, led the Red Raiders onto the field before Saturday night's blowout win over Oklahoma State, raising his arms to the student section's delight.  Reed is a cancer survivor and former minor league pitcher who's gotten Barry Bonds to pop out.

"I always feel comfortable behind those guys," Harrell said Saturday night. "They're the heart of this team; that's the truth. To be that size and move and protect like they do, it's just impressive to see."

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