A Heisman Trophy race at Texas Tech

Even with Election Day 2008 at last behind, a contentious race is just beginning in Lubbock, where the latest Heisman Trophy front-runner and an emerging rival are jabbing each other on fundamental issues.

But each is more consumed with taking down the other than making his own case — at least as part of Tech's clever and playful "passorcatch2008.com" campaign.

"Why does Michael Crabtree hate polar bears? What did they ever do to him?" says an ad "approved" by Harrell. "All the energy (he) produces is threatening the polar ice caps. ... Graham Harrell loves polar bears. And ice. And caps."

Not to be outdone, Crabtree's people questioned Harrell's commitment to going green as he sets record after record that they note are kept in books.

"Why does Graham Harrell hate trees? What is he hiding? ... Michael Crabtree loves trees. He even has a tree in his name."

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