Leading Innovations in Tornado Shelter Safety

as a top priority. This is why The Granger Plastics In-Ground tornado shelter, features an aluminum door that exceeds the FEMA 320 standards. The door excelled in wind lab tests at The University of Texas Tech. The In-Ground tornado shelter door also features gas assisted cylinder for easy opening and closing for all ages! The In-Ground tornado shelter also features a 6' Vent opening for continua

Written by: Jessica Behnham

The Granger Plastics Company, a custom Rotational Molder of plastics has introduced a new innovation in Tornado/Inclement weather safety, by developing a new In-ground Tornado Shelter. The new In-ground Tornado Shelter by Granger Plastics is rotationally molded from linear low density polyethylene. This allows the shelter to be extremely durable and nearly indestructible. Unlike fiberglass or concrete shelters, the polyethylene shelter by Granger Plastics will not crack or leak. The shelter features molded in seating with comfortable capacity of 3-6 people, easy access/exit stairs, a battery operated light, easy installation, which does not require an anchoring system!

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