Texas Tech Faculty Member Appointed to American Council on Consumer Interests Board

A personal financial planning associate professor was elected to serve as a member of the board of the American Council on Consumer Interests.

Written by: Georgia Godfrey

Texas Tech University personal financial planning associate professor Michael Finke was elected to serve as a member of the board of the American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI).

Finke also will serve as chair of the marketing committee.

ACCI is the leading consumer policy research and education organization consisting of a worldwide community of researchers, educators and related professionals dedicated to enhancing consumer wellbeing.

"I am consistently pleased with the excellence and accomplishments of our Personal Financial Planning faculty" said Linda Hoover, dean of the College of Human Sciences. "Michael’s dedication to our program continues to enhance our ability to train and teach members of tomorrow’s financial community. Michael’s professionalism and talent make him an excellent role model for our students and our campus community."

Finke studies predictors of wealth accumulation and household investment trends. He also is the author of recent award-winning research investigating the vulnerability of adjustable-rate mortgage borrowers and trends in the patterns of wealth accumulation and retirement saving among baby boomers. Finke is coordinator of the doctoral program in PFP and former Ph.D. director at the University of Missouri.

Since 1953, the American Council on Consumer Interests has been the leading membership organization for academics and other professionals involved in consumer and family economics.

The Texas Tech Personal Financial Planning Division strives to educate students on the need to focus financial knowledge on families and the achievement of their goals.

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