No Weekend Plans? Get Your MBA at Texas Tech

The Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University is offering a Master’s of Business Administration program in a cutting-edge weekend format designed specifically for working professionals. Applications are currently being accepted for the program, which begins Aug. 23.

In this new format, working professionals will have the opportunity to earn their MBA in a condensed program, in which classes meet in Lubbock one weekend a month for 28 months.

Jim Hoffman, director of the program, said that in business it is critical to stay close to the customer, and be aware of the customer’s needs. "Such as it is also with this program," said Hoffman. "Our ‘customers’ are those working professionals who cannot leave their jobs to secure an MBA, yet need that certification to move up in their companies."

Because the program is being offered in Lubbock, classes are specifically scheduled so that working professionals can fly into Lubbock for weekend classes once a month. Classes meet from 12:30 – 6:30 p.m. on Saturdays and from 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Sundays. The class schedule and courses are tailored to maximize the value and convenience to working professionals. Additionally, all class meetings will be videotaped and available on DVD in the event that a class is missed.

According to Hoffman, the Texas Tech program is all about creating value.

"We have a fantastic team of faculty tasked with teaching these professionals how to create and assess value on both an individual and organizational level," Hoffman said. "We want graduates of our program to be able to create value in others around them, in themselves, create value for their customers, and create overall value for their company or organization."

Much of the process focuses on theories and skills that the students can apply immediately to their corporate situations. Hoffman said because they all work, they can apply the learned principles directly to the jobs they have, making them more valuable to the company.

Texas Tech already has a similar program in which classes are taught during five one-week blocks spread out over 27 months. Hoffman says there are five keys to making these two programs successful.

"The top key ingredient is the great team of professors – the program has a high level of integration among business areas. Second is the applicability of the program to their current work situations. Another key component is that each class and lecture is recorded to DVD," said Hoffman. "But interestingly enough, the other two major key components are comfortable chairs, and great food – lots of it throughout the days of classes."

Hoffman says the program encourages students to come early to class, to have time to eat together, network, and exchange information. The comfortable chairs and delicious food are essential to that process.

"They usually eat lunch together also, and, in the evenings we intentionally leave enough time for them to socialize and network after class," said Hoffman.

The fully accredited program consists of 48 hours of graduate course work and a non-credit component designated as the Enhancement Program in Business, which complements the courses in the MBA program. For those applicants with three or more years of appropriate experience, GMAT scores will not be required.

The total cost for the 28-month MBA program is $35,000 plus a $50 application fee. This covers all program costs, except travel and lodging.

For more information on the Weekend MBA for Working Professionals program, contact Jim Hoffman at (806) 928-1364 days; (806) 866-0763 evenings, or