New Chairman Joins Department of Natural Resources Management

Philip Gipson named chairman of the Department of Natural Resources Management.

Officials with Texas Tech University's College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources today (June 1) named Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Leader Philip Gipson chairman of the Department of Natural Resources Management. "Philip Gipson brings superb academic and administrative credentials to this key position," said John Burns, dean of the college. "He will provide great leadership." In his new position, which began June 1, Gipson will be responsible for a diverse set of programs affecting 157 undergraduate students, 37 graduate students and 18 faculty members. The department is also home to several research hubs, including the Wildlife and Fisheries Management Institute, Fire Ecology Center, High Plains Grazing Lands Research Center and the Texas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. Provide Solutions. "I'm very pleased to work with the outstanding faculty and students in natural resources management at Texas Tech University, "Gipson said. "Our department is well positioned to provide solutions to natural resources management problems and to train professionals for careers in range, wildlife and fisheries management." Tech's natural resources management department directs several critical degree programs, including a Bachelor of Science in range management; Bachelor of Science in wildlife and fisheries management with areas of emphasis in wildlife science, fisheries science and conservation science; and Bachelor of Science in environmental conservation of natural resources with areas of emphasis in technical path and conservation path. Research Leader. Prior to coming to Texas Tech, Gipson served as both a research unit leader and associate professor with Kansas State University's Division of Biology, and earlier a senior wildlife biologist with the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Gipson's research interests in the past have included ecology of predators, evaluation of land condition trend analysis and ecological responses of plant and animal communities to military training. In addition, Gipson has worked as a visiting scientist and adjunct associate professor with Pennsylvania State University's Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, an associate professor with Prince George's Community College's Department of Biology, and assistant chief of Game and Supervisor of Wildlife Research with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Population Dynamics. He also served as an assistant leader with the Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and an associate professor with University of Alaska's Department of Biology, Wildlife, and Fisheries, and an assistant professor and extension wildlife specialist with University of Nebraska's Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. A native of Arkansas, Gipson earned a bachelor's degree in biology from University of Central Arkansas and a master's degree in zoology with an emphasis on population dynamics from University of Arkansas. He received his doctorate degree in zoology with an emphasis on predator ecology from University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. He's a member of The Wildlife Society, Kansas Chapter of The Wildlife Society and American Association for the Advancement of Science.