Texas Tech Electrical Engineering Launches Partnership in Taiwan

Texas Tech University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is partnering with National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan to offer a dual degree master’s program.

The joint venture is spearheaded by Kwong Chao, professor of electrical engineering; and Donald Y.C. Lie, Keh-Shew Lu Regents Chair and associate professor in electrical engineering at Texas Tech.

"The development of this quality program will benefit students from each country," Chao said. "When students complete the curriculum, they will receive a master’s in electrical engineering from each institution."

Lie believes the relationship will be a signature program for each institution. "As a result of this partnership, both universities make an effective statement about cross-cultural outreach and the importance of globalization for curriculum enrichment," Lie said.

Ralph Ferguson, associate academic dean of the Texas Tech Graduate School, said these opportunities are beneficial for the institutions and students. "The graduate school supports faculty initiatives for global partnerships with outstanding institutions." Ferguson said.

Private-sector partner Diodes Inc. will underwrite much of the research completed by the students

CONTACT: Ralph Ferguson, associate academic dean, Graduate School, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-2781 ext. 224, or ralph.ferguson@ttu.edu.