Texas Tech Electrical Engineering Launches German Partnership

Texas Tech University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is partnering with Technical University of Munich, Germany to offer a student exchange master’s program.

The joint venture is spearheaded by Kwong Chao, professor of electrical engineering at Texas Tech. Students selected to join the program will have academic assistantships to tackle real-time issues related to their discipline in research laboratories in Texas and in Europe.

Chao believes this partnership launches Texas Tech as an important research partner with an outstanding European institution.

"The students are the real winners in this program, contributing to research teams that are addressing complex questions in their discipline," Chao said.

Texas Tech’s graduate school also supports the international project. "We encourage faculty initiatives for global partnerships with outstanding institutions," said Ralph Ferguson, associate academic dean of Texas Tech’s Graduate School. "These opportunities are beneficial for the institutions and students."

Private-sector partner Texas Instruments Inc. is underwriting the German program.

CONTACT: Ralph Ferguson, associate academic dean, Graduate School, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-2781 ext. 224, or ralph.ferguson@ttu.edu.