College Life Meets the Great Outdoors

Red Raider Camp prepares students to make the most of their freshman experience.

Written by Cory Chandler

At Red Raider Camp students not only have a great time and meet new people, they also learn the history and traditions of Texas Tech as well as time management and other social and work skills. At Red Raider Camp students not only have a great time and meet new people, they also learn the history and traditions of Texas Tech as well as time management and other social and work skills.
Ah, this is the good life, down by the river, under a canopy of trees, evening settling in, breeze cutting the summer heat. A hundred new friends around, college living only weeks away. Welcome to Red Raider Camp. Located on Texas Tech’s woodsy Junction campus, this student-run summer program introduces freshmen to Red Raider traditions and culture. Rather than arrive in Lubbock as a fresh face on unfamiliar terrain, students can opt to spend three days bonding with future classmates, quizzing student mentors and learning the ins and outs of college life. Oh, and floating the South Llano River. “Red Raider Camp is just a great way to relax and get ready for college,” said Zach Manning, coordinator for the Center for Campus Life. “The students who take part will be a step ahead of everyone else when they get to Texas Tech.”

Good to Go

There’s the Masked Rider, Saddle Tramps, carillon bells, guns up, all of that. So much to learn. How is a freshman, new on campus, busy unpacking and finding classes, supposed to absorb it all? Sandwiched between pool parties, social mixers and volleyball spikefests, camp sessions teach students what to expect on campus, how to manage time, in addition to the words to the Fight Song or how to properly chant Raider Power. Participants take part in Texas Tech’s time-honored Bell Circle, work through ropes courses and cap their stay off with a bonfire, pep rally and ring ceremony. “Going to Red Raider Camp really jump-started my college career,” said Student Red Raider Camp Director Jamie Davis, who took part in the camp in 2005. “Not only did I learn about history and traditions, time management skills, and about the various services and opportunities offered on campus, but I made many friends. “The relationships I built while at camp were essential to making Lubbock my home and helping me become successful as a student. Not to mention that camp was also a lot of fun and a nice break to have during the summer.” Nearly 1,000 new students, roughly 120 per session, visit Junction through July and Aug. The Center for Campus life offers eight sessions for interested students. Not a freshman? Texas Tech now offers a Red Raider Camp designed specifically to meet the needs of transfer students. Find out more about Red Raider Camp – Transfer Edition.
2008 Red Raider Camp Schedule
  • Camp Paul Horn: July 16-18
  • Camp Bradford Knapp: July 19-21
  • Camp Clifford Jones: July 23-25
  • Camp William Whyburn: July 26-28
  • Red Raider Camp-Transfer Edition: July 29-31
  • Camp Dossie Wiggins: Aug. 2-4
  • Camp Edward Jones: Aug. 5-7
  • Camp Robert Goodwin: Aug. 9-11
  • Camp Grover Murray: Aug. 12-14
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Why Red Raider Camp?

Not only do camp participants have a higher cumulative GPA than the average freshman, but according to the Center for Campus Life:

  • 94 percent of those who attended Red Raider Camp reported having an advantage over other incoming freshman.
  • 89 percent said the information learned at Red Raider Camp would make their transition to college easier.
  • 92 percent reported having a strong sense of connection to the Texas Tech community after attending camp.
  • 82 percent said the skills they learned at camp would make them a more successful student.