Undergraduate Students Find Texans Staying True to Republican Sentiments Through Recent Earl Survey Telephone Inquiry

Media advisory for survey results.

WHAT: Announcement of Texas voters’ opinion survey

WHEN: 10:15 a.m. Monday (April 28)

WHERE: Room 107 of Holden Hall, located at the corner of Broadway and Akron
Avenue on the Texas Tech campus

EVENT: In spite of near-record turnouts in Texas’ March Democratic party primary, the state’s voters appear unwilling to move away from their Republican leanings when it comes to actually choosing a president, according to a Texas Tech University Political Science Department poll of voting-aged Texans.

Political science majors polled 507 voting-age Texans from across the state from March 25 through April 14. Among other findings, the students will announce their findings of what voting-aged Texans feel about John McCain compared to Democratic opponents Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as well as their approval of President George W. Bush.

The survey was administered at the Earl Survey Research Lab in the Department of Political Science at Texas Tech. Alan Arwine, visiting assistant professor, is instructor of the class.

CONTACT: Alan Arwine, visiting assistant professor, Department of Political
Science, Texas Tech University, (806) 742- 4051, or alan.arwine@ttu.edu.