Texas Tech Libraries Hire Two New 3-D Animators

The Texas Tech University Libraries has hired two professional animators to the staff in the 3-D Animation Lab, allowing the library to expand the services of this unique program.

Written by Cory Chandler

The Texas Tech University Libraries announce the addition of two professional animators to the Library Technology Management Services (LTMS) staff in the 3-D Animation Lab.

The animators, Ken Chaffin and Edward Grampp, will allow the library to expand the services of its unique 3-D Animation Lab.

Located on the second floor of the University Library, the lab has attracted numerous students, faculty members and researchers since its inception in September 2007. The library expects those numbers to jump once the animators come on board.

"The primary benefit of bringing on these two animators is their added expertise and the start of a short course and workshop program to begin this fall," said Bob Sweet, associate dean for LTMS.

The animation lab currently includes eight high-powered workstations loaded with industry-standard design and animation programs such as Anime Studio, Maya and Vue Infinite. The library hopes to expand the lab as usage increases.

The 3-D Animation Lab’s senior administrator, Ken Chaffin, holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in physics from Texas Tech and comes to the library from Hash Inc. in Vancouver, Wash. Chaffin was part of the team at Hash that developed interactive, real-time 3-D viewer applications of content modeled in Animation: Master. He previously spent six years in 3-D game engine development.

"Ken has a passion for utilizing 3-D animation technology in various fields and applications," Sweet said.

Edward Grampp comes from Disney Interactive Studios in Salt Lake City, where he worked with muscle and bone simulation for 3-D models. Grampp graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in film studies with a focus on computer and 3-D animation and film. He also attended Brigham Young University’s animation program.

CONTACT: Briana Childress, Texas Tech Libraries, at (806) 742-4880, or briana.childress@ttu.edu.