Texas Tech Law Professor Garners State Bar Award

Texas Tech's law review is becoming the best in Texas.

The Texas Tech University School of Law’s relatively young "Texas Tech Law Review" is establishing itself as one of the nation’s premier forums for legal scholarship, as law professors from the school continue to garner state-wide recognition for articles published in it.

Thornton Professor of Law Brian Shannon’s "Texas Tech Law Review" article on reforming the Texas insanity defense has been selected as the Texas Bar Foundation’s Outstanding Law Review Article for 2007. The Bar Foundation Award is the preeminent award for legal scholarship and is presented annually to designate the most important and best written legal article published in Texas.

According to Walter Huffman, dean of Texas Tech’s law school, Shannon also won the award in 2002, and Professor Larry Spain won the award in 2005.

"A Texas Tech University School of Law professor has won the most important award for legal scholarship in Texas three of the last six years," Huffman said. "Also, the best legal scholarship in Texas was published in our law review. This award, coupled with last year’s highly acclaimed "Criminal Law Symposium" issue, is clear indication that our publication is becoming one of the nation’s important forums for legal scholarship."

In addition to recognizing Shannon’s efforts, the Texas Bar Foundation will donate $1,000 to the law school’s scholarship fund in recognition that the article was published by the "Texas Tech Law Review."

Founded in 1970, the "Texas Tech Law Review" is the flagship journal of Texas Tech School of Law. It is published quarterly by a staff of second and third year law students who are dedicated to presenting a quality publication and hosting informative symposia for members of the legal community.


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