VIETNAM: Tet offensive remembered forty years on

Forty years ago, Vietnamese Communist forces launched a massive surprise attack against South Vietnamese and foreign forces. The year was 1968 and the the Tet offensive was to turn the tide of Australian and US public sentiment against the war.

Presenter - Adam Connors Speaker - Bao Vu, Radio Australia journalist and Survivor of Vietnam's Tet Offensive; Paul Ham, author of Vietnam: The Australian War, Dr Milam is now the director of Texas Tech's Centre for War and Diplomacy in the Post-Vietnam War Era.

 MILAM: Well it was such a shock because we had watched General Westmoreland tour the United States essentially talking about how well we were doing there. So when you had this, all of these cities under siege by Viet Cong and NVA, so from a prospective draftee or an enlistee's state you knew that it would probably be worse than it was prior to the Tet offensive.

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