Valentine's Day Experts Available for Interviews on Love, Communication and the Not-So-Happy Endings

Media pitch on Texas Tech's Valentine's Day experts.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air – or is it?

Texas Tech experts can talk about more than your standard cliché love topics. From busting the Valentine’s Day myth that lots of flowers and candy equal quality expressions of love to why people choose bad mates and stay in bad relationships, these five experts can add a different twist to your story. Visit the Hot Topics section of for more information.

Patrick Hughes, associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies, can discuss how the everyday, mundane acts of kindness toward a loved one matter more than a blitzkrieg of candy and cards on Valentine’s Day. Also, lots of conflict in a relationship doesn’t mean the end – it’s how conflict is handled that matters. He can be reached at (806) 742-3911,

Luis Ramirez, assistant professor of sociology, is an expert about the lesser-known forms of intimate partner violence such as psychological or mental abuse directed toward males, who are not often as susceptible to physical violence. He can be reached at (806) 742-2401 ext. 255 or

Martha Smithey, associate professor of sociology, can speak about intimate partner violence, otherwise known as domestic violence. Specifically, she can speak about what factors motivate individuals to begin abusing their partners and how to leave unhealthy relationships successfully. She can be reached at (806) 742-2401 ext. 254 or

David Rudd, chairman of the Department of Psychology, can speak about why people tend to make bad mate choices, then choose to stay in an unhappy relationship despite the obvious emotional strain. He helps unhappy couples in his psychology clinics on a weekly basis. He can be reached at (806) 742-3711 ext. 224 or

Narissra M. Punyanunt-Carter, assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies, can discuss how affectionate communication can lead to a healthy relationship, and why romance and affection are not just meant for Valentine’s Day. She can be reached at (806) 742-3273, or at

Clyde Hendrick and Susan Hendrick, both Horn Professors of Psychology at Texas Tech University, can offer several tips for surviving Valentine’s Day, whether a person is a hopeless romantic or a clueless one. The couple is known as the "love doctors," and both were recently featured in the PBS series "State of Tomorrow." Clyde can be reached at (806) 742-3711, ext. 248, or; Susan can be reached at (806) 742-3711, ext. 244, or