Texas Tech Tests New Emergency Notification System

First test of Texas Tech's new emergency notification system successful

Texas Tech University completed the first test of a new emergency alert notification system on Oct. 10.

The system delivered 28,213 phone messages as well as 32,852 e-mails and 9,020 text messages were delivered in about 14 minutes.

"I am pleased that is first test has gone so well," said Jon Whitmore, president of Texas Tech University. "It is vital that we are able to notify the Texas Tech community immediately in emergency situations. Whether our students and faculty are in class, in a residence hall room or office or walking across campus, we want them to have accurate, up-to-date information so they can make wise and safe choices."

The university found it had 1,348 incorrect phone numbers in the system and some 1,000 numbers with no message system. Members of the Texas Tech community who did not receive the message have not entered their current correct phone numbers into the system,

The emergency alert notification system automatically sends an e-mail to anyone with an e-raider e-mail address and to those faculty members, staff and students who have provided current, correct phone and/or text information. Individuals must log-on to www.ttu.edu/emergency to submit their information to be included in the system. Up to four phone numbers can be listed. One of the numbers can be designated as text-enabled. Additionally, one of the phone numbers can be selected for TTY/TDD messaging for the hearing impaired.

"The information that is provided for this system is secure and will be used only in emergency situations. It will not be made available to any other service so you will not receive any spam or advertising," said Whitmore.

In case of an emergency, the new notification system is only one of several tools the university will use to alert the campus, including the university’s home page at www.ttu.edu. A siren system operates throughout the campus. In addition, every floor of every building on campus will have a designated employee responsible for emergency notification should other means become unavailable.